Please note there is an additional $4 charge per visit & $10 charge per overnight on all holiday dates listed below:

Christmas and New Years Week: Monday December 23rd 2018- Tuesday Jan. 1, 2019

Easter Weekend: Saturday April 20th - Sunday April 21st, 2019

Memorial Day Weekend: Saturday May 26th- Monday May 28th, 2019

4th of July Week: Thursday July 4th- Sunday July 7th, 2019

Labor Day Week: Saturday August 31st - Monday September 2nd, 2019

Thanksgiving Week:  Thursday November 28th- Sunday December 1st, 2019

Holiday Fees


Medical Services: V.I.C. Pet Care has experienced veterinary technicians that are familiar with all your pet's medical needs. We offers fluid therapy for pet's with kidney issues, insulin injections for diabetic pets,  post surgery care, clean and medicate for ear infections, oral and topical medications, bandage changes, medicated baths, therapy post surgery, gland expression, nail trims and much more....all in the comfort of your own home!​​​

Medical Services

Overnight Care


Overnight Sitting: We allow you and your pet’s to feel secure

and have a sense of comfort while you’re away. Overnight care

is important for those pet’s with separation anxiety, medical needs, or just hate staying home alone.  

-- (10-12 hour stay)
-- Includes a morning and evening walk
-- No additional costs for medications 

What Makes V.I.C. Great

$70 per night up to 3 pets

$75 per night up to 5 pets

$80 per night 6 pets and over 

$18 for lunch walks

Dog Walking: We also offer daily dog walks for those owners who work long hours. Depending on your pet’s activity level or age will depend on the length of the walks/play time. 


$20: Pet Taxi, One-Way Trip

$20 Pet Store Trip + Cost of products

-- Prices may vary depending on distance or wait time. Ask for more details. 

Weekly Dog Walks: Mon-Fri

15 Minute Visit: $15

20 Minute Visit: $18

30 Minute Visit: $20

What Makes V.I.C. Great

Pet Taxi: For those owners who don’t have the time to take their pet’s to the groomers or the vets, allow us to help!

Anesthesia Free Dentals

Call for a quote, travel fees may apply

-- Not all pet's are candidates for this procedure. 

We will provide a dental consult prior to access. 

V.I.C. Pet Care provides anesthesia-free dental care to dogs and cats in the Tampa Bay area. Vicki has over 20 years experience as a veterinary technician and is happy to help

Dog Walking



Administer medications, injections,  clean and medicate ears:  $20 per visit. No Fee if we are pet sitting. 

Fluid Therapy: $20 per visit
Blood Glucose Check: $18 per visit
Glucose Curve: $15 per visit in 1 day

Nail Trims/Dremmel: $18 Dogs

Nail trim for cats: $14

Nail trim back paws for cats: $10

Pet Taxi

Anesthesia Free Dentals

V.I.C. Pet Care will care for your pets while your away in the

comfort of your home.

Each Visit includes:

-- Fresh water and food
-- Clean yard, litterbox, cage, or tank
-- Daily log of pets
-- Walks/Playtime
-- Bringing in your mail
-- Watering plants
-- Taking out the garbage/recycling
-- Maintaining alarm
-- Turning lights on as needed
-- TLC    

​Pet Sitting:

20 Minute Cat Visit: $18

30 Minute Visit: $20

45 Minute Visit: $25

60 Minute Visit: $30

90 Minute Visit: $35

Depending on the number of pet's 
will determine the length of each
pet sitting visit. 

- Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured

~Experienced and compassionate pet sitters

- Have cared for over 1,200 pet's since 2010

- Come highly recommended by all our clients, please ask for referrals

- Veterinary Recommended

~ We’ll bring in your mail, water plants, take out garbage/recycling, maintain alarm, and turn lights on as needed.

~ We’ll call, text, or e-mail you with updates. We’ll even send pictures!

Pet Sitting